ARES stands for Amateur Radio Emergency Service and is managed in Iredell County by Dennis N4WHK who is the Emergency Coordinator for Iredell County. ARES is run nationally by ARRL. ARES mission is to coordinate and provide communications for outlying areas and local shelters with the Communications Center (Emergency Operations Center).
ARES members:

  • provide backup communications via the ARES network for communications between other adjoining counties EOCs and/or the State EOC.
  • Provide communications for Shelters.
    If the Red Cross opens a shelter we deploy to provide communications
    We have provided communications for special events as requested by the EOC or any group that request our services, like Walk America or the Troutman Parade
  • Live WX reports through SkyWarn and EOC
  • Bi-Annually we participate in the McGuire Drill (a requirement in order for Duke Energy to maintain their credentials to operate a nuclear power plant)

Anything that is considered a disaster will probably involve ARES at some level.

In order to provide these and other services in time of need, members are needed. These members do need to have some training and practice sending messages and working with the local and federal government people and procedures. Iredell county can use your help, please consider joining. Contact Dennis White N4WHK.