The American Radio Relay League (ARRL or The League) has been representing, helping, educating, counseling and advocating for American hams for 100 years.

The League, formed in 1914, offers so much to American hams that it would take a book, or a website, to enumerate it all.

Fortunately, such a website exists,, where you can find all the myriad advantages of League membership.

But there are some key reasons why you should belong to and support the ARRL:

1) QST magazine, the official journal of the ARRL. QST is the premier ham radio magazine, celebrating its 100th year of publishing. Each month there are technical articles ranging from everyday useful projects to more advanced technology and even “Eclectic Technology”.

Also, each month, product reviews of equipment of interest to hams, from top of the line transceivers to shack accessories to test equipment and the occasional antenna, as well as columns for learning basic electronics, getting technical questions answered and a “Hints and Kinks” column with ideas from other hams on how a problem was solved, or an idea to make operating easier or more enjoyable. Or both.

And monthly columns dealing with Public Service, working DX, the World Above 50MHz (VHF/UHF & up) and many other valuable, informative topics.

Plus, as a member, you have access to the digital QST at no additional cost!

2) Members-only web services. How about access to EVERY article published in QST since 1915? Or complete digital editions of QST from 2012 forward?

3) Ham radio insurance, a plan designed for the ham’s needs, at an affordable premium.

4) Technical Information Service, offering answers to technical and operating questions.

5) Your call @ email address.
6) Legislative advocacy, representing you to protect our frequencies and privileges. And our ability to erect antennas, such as is now underway with HR-1301 (

These are just some of the exclusive member's benefits. The League also offers services and representation that benefit all American hams, such as legislative advocacy, public relations, sponsorship of contests, awards, Field Day and Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES).

Your membership, which costs $49.00 a year, gets you all the above. You can renew or apply for membership through ICARS.

Whether you consider the ARRL Dues to be a subscription to QST and the other benefits are a bonus, or the other way around, League membership is one of the best investments you’ll make in your ham radio career.